ul10269 12awg electric cable for battery energy storage system

Using temperature: -40°C - +90°C

Rated voltage:1000V DC

Flame test:FT4

Bending radius:noless than 4 times the cable diameter

Conductor:Annealed soft tin copper

Insulation:105°C  PVC

Used  for  Battery  Energy  Storage   System,battery  connection,  connection  between  battery  and  shunt  box, flexible  cable

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The connecting cable of UL 10269 energy storage system is made of PVC insulating material. After FT4 test, it has good flame retardancy, convenient installation, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, moisture resistance, mildew resistance and environmental protection. Soft, bending-resistant, American standard high-temperature flexible PVC stabilizes the output current, and there is no open circuit or open circuit. Low eccentricity, uniform insulation thickness, ensuring low eccentricity, preventing current from penetrating the skin and facilitating peeling and cutting. This product adopts oxygen-free tin-plated copper wire, which has low resistance and lasting and stable conductivity.
UL 10269 is a connecting cable connecting the energy storage system, which has passed the American standard UL product certification. The cable is usually widely used in the field of household appliances, providing safe and reliable high-quality products, ensuring the safe output of power and providing safe power output for appliances. Automotive interior equipment provides safe and reliable wire and cable products for all kinds of vehicles, with professional brand strength to ensure the effective output of vehicle power. Solar panels focus on research and development in high-tech fields, skillfully create product quality, meet the power demand in various fields, and ensure the safe operation of the project.
UL 10269 connecting cable is made of high-quality materials with excellent conductivity and resistance. It ensures the stability and safety of product quality through strict quality control, exquisite manufacturing technology and advanced quality inspection equipment.


Technical data:

Style of the cable(mm²) Conductor Insulation
Conductor Construction(no/mm) Stranded Dia.(mm) Conductor Max Resistance AT 20°C(Ω/km) Nominal Thickness(mm) Insulation Dia.(mm)
UL 10269 24AWG 18/.0127TS 0.61 94.2 0.76 2.2
UL 10269 22AWG 28/.0127TS 0.78 59.4 0.76 2.4
UL 10269 20AWG 42/.0127TS 0.95 36.7 0.76 2.6
UL 10269 18AWG 64/.0127TS 1.16 23.2 0.76 2.8
UL 10269 16AWG 104/.0127TS 1.51 14.6 0.76 3.15
UL 10269 14AWG 168/.0127TS 1.88 8.96 0.76 3.55
UL 10269 12AWG 260/.0127TS 2.36 5.64 0.76 4
UL 10269 10AWG 414/.0127TS 3.22 3.546 0.76 4.9
UL 10269 8AWG 666/.0127TS 4.26 2.23 1.15 6.7
UL 10269 6AWG 1050/.0127TS 5.35 1.403 1.53 8.5
UL 10269 4AWG 1666/.0127TS 6.8 0.882 1.53 10
UL 10269 2AWG 2646/.0127TS 9.15 0.5548 1.53 12
UL 10269 1AWG 3332/.0127TS 9.53 0.4268 1.53 13.9
UL 10269 1/0AWG 4214/.0127TS 11.1 0.3487 2.04 15.5
UL 10269 2/0AWG 5292/.0127TS 12.2 0.2766 2.04 16.5
UL 10269 3/0AWG 6784/.0127TS 13.71 0.2193 2.04 18
UL 10269 4/0AWG 8512/.0127TS 15.7 0.1722 2.04 20.2

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DANYANG WINPOWER WIRE&CABLE MFG CO., LTD currently covers an area of 17000m2, has 40000m2 of modern production plants, 25 production lines, specializing in the production of high-quality new energy cables, energy storage cables, solar cable, EV cable, UL hookup wires, CCC wires, irradiation cross-linked wires, and various customized wires and wire harness processing. 


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