All-plastic Single-core And Double-core Galvanized Iron Wire Mask Nose Strip

The nose strip of the mask belongs to the accessories of the mask. It is wrapped in galvanized soft iron wire and eco-friendly plastic material. The aim is to fix the mask to the nose so that it does not fall off easily. This product meets the export environmental protection requirements. The outside is smooth and flat, can be bent and deformed at will, does not rebound, and the quality is reliable.

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Mask nose bridge strip is divided into full plastic nose bridge strip, iron wire nose bridge strip, full plastic nose bridge strip outer skin made of 100% PE material, no joint, 0 rebound, iron wire nose bridge strip is divided into single core and double core, the outer skin is made of PE/PP material, plus galvanized iron wire, through RoHs/Reach double certification. Mask nose bridge strip is generally used for disposable masks, KN95 and other masks, with external force and bending deformation, losing external force without rebound, maintaining the performance of the existing shape, the skin color is clean and beautiful, no peculiar smell, good flexibility, durable.

Nasal Bridge Strip:

Product name Specifications Meters/kg Meters/roll(shaft) weight/roll(shaft)
All-plastic nose strip3mm(PE) 3mm*0.85mm 500m 3250m 6.5KG
All-plastic nose strip4mm(PE) 4mm*1.00mm 285m 1850m 6.5KG
All-plastic nose strip5mm(PE) 5mm*1.00mm 250m 1600m 6.5KG
Single core3mm(PE) 3mm*0.90mm 340m package2500mm 7.5KG
axle mounting3500mm 11.3KG
Single core3mm(PP) 3mm*0.70mm 460m    
twin-core3mm(PE) 3mm*1.00mm 220m package1500mm 6.7KG
axle mounting2500mm 11.5KG
twin-core4mm(PE) 4mm*1.00mm 195m package1500mm 7.5KG
axle mounting1800mm 10.0KG
twin-core5mm(PE) 5mm*1.00mm 160m package1000mm 6.3KG
axle mounting1500mm 9.8KG

Application Scenario:

Single-core APPLICAITON5
Single-core APPLICAITON1
Single-core APPLICAITON3
Single-core APPLICAITON2
Single-core APPLICAITON4

Global Exhibitions:

Single-core GE
Single-core GE1
Single-core GE3
Single-core GE2
Single-core GE4

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