Customizable Color Parallel Electronic Wire LED Board PCB Circuit Board Connecting Wire

Internal wiring of electronic and electrical equipment

Insulating material: PVC
Outside diameter: 1.0mm-4.0mm
rated voltage: 300v
temperature range: 80°C

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The color arrangement line adopts insulating material, which is not easy to corrode, and has good flame retardancy and anti-aging performance. The copper core material is oxygen-free copper, low resistance, low loss, not easy to heat, longer and more stable life, can be processed and customized, according to the size provided by customers, sample customization, the field of use is relatively wide.

Color arrangement line is generally used for internal wiring of electronic and electrical equipment, used for LED lights, lighting tools, LED displays, automotive industry, monitoring equipment, digital products, mechanical equipment, power tools, etc., product characteristics are firmly connected without welding, can be docked with the needle seat, or male and female tape wire insertion, snap double insurance, docking convenient, no welding, no peeling, no need to cut, directly snap into the seat, male and female can be inserted, save trouble and effort, can be divided into rankings, can be easily distinguished by different color lines.

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Wire LED applicatiom
Wire LED applicatiom1
Wire LED applicatiom2
Wire LED applicatiom3

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DANYANG WINPOWER WIRE&CABLE MFG CO., LTD currently covers an area of 17000m2, has 40000m2 of modern production plants, 25 production lines, specializing in the production of high-quality new energy cables, energy storage cables, solar cable, EV cable, UL hookup wires, CCC wires, irradiation cross-linked wires, and various customized wires and wire harness processing. 

Color arrangement line is a lot of electrical products and electronic products used above, by a number of different colors of the wire merged, the length of the wire is generally relatively short, compared to the wire its safety is very good, rarely electric shock phenomenon. Not only lightweight, easy to operate and use, it is a very cost-effective electronic product.


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