Customized Solar Cable Harness IP67 Waterproof 1500V dc Twin Extension Cable with PV Connector Male + Female

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Solar photovoltaic harness refers to the connection of multiple solar panels together to form a circuit, thereby producing more electrical energy output. This process requires the use of some special wiring harnesses to connect the circuits between the panels.

Solar photovoltaic wire harnesses are usually made of conductive materials such as copper wire, silver wire, and aluminum wire. These harnesses require high electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance to ensure circuit stability and durability.

In the solar photovoltaic system, the design and installation of the wire harness is very important. Reasonable harness design can maximize the output power of solar panels and improve the efficiency of the entire system. At the same time, the correct wiring harness installation can also improve the safety and reliability of the system.

Double-layer insulation protection, copper core tinplating process, high purity oxygen-free copper, low resistance, low eccentricity, flame retardant high temperature conductivity strong durable and stable, stable self-locking mechanism, connection link adopts pressing and gold ring connection, to ensure that the use of long-term connection is not loose, high strength waterproof ring, waterproof and dustproof, IP67 waterproof grade, cold and high temperature resistance, imported PPE material, insulation and fire protection, Safe to use, strong compatibility; Perfect integration with MC4 connector.

Rated voltage: 1500VDC
Rated Current: 30A
Voltage test on completed cable AC 6.5kV,15kV DC,5min
Ambiengt temperature: (-40°C up to +90°C)
Conductor maximum temperature: +120°C 
Service life: >25years(-40°C up to +90°C)
The permitted short-circuit-temperature refer to a period of 5s is+200°C 200°C ,5 seconds
Bending radius: ≥4xϕ  (D<8mm) 
  ≥6xϕ  (D≥8mm)
Degree of Protection: IP67
Test on acid and alkali resistance: EN60811-2-1
Cold bending test: EN60811-1-4
Damp heat teat: EN60068-2-78
Sunlight resistance: EN60811-501,EN50289-4-17
O-zone resistance test of finished cable: EN50396
Flame test: EN60332-1-2
Smoke density: IEC61034,EN50268-2
Halogen acid release: IEC670754-1 EN50267-2-1

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