SPT-1 2 core 20 AWG PVC copper flexible power cord

1. Rated temperature:60℃、75℃、90℃、105℃

2.Rated voltage:300V

3.According to:UL 62,UL1581

4.Stranded bare copper conductor 20-18AWG

5.PVC insulation

6.Passes UL VW-1 & CSA FT1 Vertical flame test

7.Uniform insulation thickness of wire to ensure easy stripping and cutting

8.Environmental testing pass ROHS,REACH

9.Power supply cord of electronic equipment

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UL SPT-1 American standard power cord insulation using polyvinyl chloride material, conductor using stranded 20-18AWG bare copper wire, environmental requirements meet ROHS, REACH standards, fast flame retardant, high safety factor, low aberration rate effectively prevent current breakdown and ignition, natural, wear, ensure safe use of electricity, anti-aging, good luster, good performance, low resistance, In the transmission process is more smooth, excellent materials durable, strong flexibility, not easy to break, not easy to break the skin, can be bent at will, more convenient to use, this product is suitable for household lighting, decoration power engineering, electronic equipment, temperature sensors, military products, metallurgy and chemical industry, automotive ships, nuclear industry, power installation and other connections.


Technical data:

UL TYPE Gauge Construction Conductor NO. O.D. Insulation Wire O.D Max Cond
(AWG) (no/mm) outer (mm) Thickness (mm) Resistance
    Diameter(mm)   (mm)   (Ω/km,20℃)
SPT-1 20 26/0.16 0.94 2 - 0.76 2.5×5.0 34.6
3 1.8 0.76 2.5×7.5 34.6
18 41/0.16 1.18 2 - 0.76 2.7×5.4 21.8
3 2 0.76 2.7×8.1 21.8

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DANYANG WINPOWER WIRE&CABLE MFG CO., LTD currently covers an area of 17000m2, has 40000m2 of modern production plants, 25 production lines, specializing in the production of high-quality new energy cables, energy storage cables, solar cable, EV cable, UL hookup wires, CCC wires, irradiation cross-linked wires, and various customized wires and wire harness processing. 


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