1500V 30A DC mc 4 connector CE ip67 waterproof male and female solar cable connectors for pv solar panel system

Insulation material: PPO
Rated Voltage: TUV 1500 DC
Test voltage: 6KV(50Hz,1Min)
Contact material: copper, tin plated
Contact resistance: less than 0.5 m ohm
Degree of protection: IP67
Pollution Degree: 2
Protection class: Class II
Plug Force: less than 50N
Withdrawal force: more than 50N
Ambient temperature range: -40° + 90°
Compatible cable cross sections  Solar cable: 2.5mm² ,4.0 mm² and 6.0 mm² (14 awg,12awg,10awg)
Pin dimention: 4.0mm

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MC4 photovoltaic connector shell adopts high-strength PPO plastic, heat resistance, flame resistance, wear resistance, pollution resistance, high-quality lock head, exquisite, firm, sealed, insulation, thickened copper inner core, surface silver plating treatment, to prevent oxidation conductivity better, IP67 protection, waterproof and dustproof.

MC4 photovoltaic connector wire is an essential part of solar photovoltaic power plants, its main role is to transmit the electricity generated by solar panels to the grid. The proper connection of the MC4 photovoltaic connector wire can not only ensure the normal operation of the power station, but also reduce the loss of electricity and improve the efficiency of power generation.


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